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Books n’ me

I don’t know what it is with me and books!? Whenever I enter a bookstore, I just love that crisp smell of fresh-off-the-press paperbacks with their often bright and colourful covers. But once I start reading one, I’m engrossed for about 2 chapters, after which I promptly stick a bookmark in. I either never pick it up ever again or if I do decide to continue reading it, 6 months have already passed and I end up reading 2 more chapters before replacing the same bookmark back in place. The thing is, the interest is there… surely! I even get that aforementioned rush of excitement when I’m in a bookstore and it feels like I have to own every single interesting book in sight. But that excitement seems to wear off at some point when I’m in the middle of actually reading the bloody thing. My sister, who is a better reader than I am, still makes fun of me for picking up a book during the year 2003 and not finishing it till 2007 or so! The book was called ‘Up Country’, written by Nelson DeMille and it was about an American Vietnam war veteran revisiting the country after 30 years. It was a riveting read… until something else came up in my life and I slid that dreaded bookmark in. Even as I write this post, I’m in the middle of a fascinating book about Delhi called ‘City Of Djinns’ by William Dalrymple. Started the book about a year back and currently I have not even reached the 50% mark! I don’t think it is a case of slow reading speed, rather there are too many gaps between the times I do pick up the book to continue reading. Maybe my reading capacity/attention span is just not suited for long prose. Internet articles, blog sites and reference books are much more my kind of scene I suppose. Nevertheless, I get a fair share of mocking smirks and jabs from people like my mom, sister and wife who are all better readers than me. Oh well… I can always unleash my knowledge of popular music and useless trivia on them as a form of tit for tat. It’s all good! 😉