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Did the Apple founder have a work-life balance?

So Steve Jobs is no more. Dead at age 56 from pancreatic cancer. The whole world has been abuzz today throughout all print media, news media and the like. And deservedly so. Reading about his accomplishments from the Macintosh to the iPad, I have nothing but admiration for the guy. This is a huge loss to the tech world.

Having said all that, I sometimes pause and wonder about how much importance successful people give to their health. Generally, the more successful and powerful you are, the more pressure you are under to consistently perform. And often times, seemingly little things like eating habits get the short end of the stick. I don’t mean to say that I claim to know why Steve was inflicted with cancer. But normally if one consciously eats healthy and exercises regularly, all the toxins get flushed out of the body on a regular basis and there would not be much room for cancerous formations or growths. But it all depends on how well one is able to balance work, relaxation, exercise, diet, sleep etc.

I mean, in my own office every day I see people slowly killing themselves. They work very long hours. They go out on too many smoke breaks. They skip lunch when there is too much work and then try to subdue the hunger with a Coke or some other sugar-loaded beverage. I cannot see how the body would take kindly to such neglect. Sure, it is important to be hard-working and successful in one’s career but if it is going to be at the cost of one’s own health, then what is the point of all the success?

Whatever be the case, may Steve Jobs’ soul rest in peace.