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Ode to a city that I love

I miss walking up and down the endless streets

I miss the train ride in

I miss the subway rumble underneath my feet

I miss 53rd and 6th

I miss hangin’ with my favourite tribute band

I miss the gigs at MSG

I miss the cab ride down to the Strand

I miss browsing used CDs

I miss the colourful faces of the crowded streets

I miss the calm of Central Park

I miss the neon glow of Radio City

I miss the blinding lights in the dark

I miss the Museum of Modern Art

I miss the view from the Brooklyn Pier

I miss staring at the big lit-up tree

With the wintry wind in my ears

I miss the Guinness pints at Connolly’s Pub

I miss the local pizzerias

I miss the early morning jazz at the station Penn

After missing the last train out

I miss, I miss, I miss, I miss,

Have you heard enough from me?

As if you wouldn’t have already guessed

It’s plain to see that I love NYC