Apocalyptic Love – Not much here beyond the interesting album cover

When Slash’s debut solo album came out a couple of years back, it sounded like a lot of fun. And it was! There was not one vocalist but several well-known names including Ozzy Osbourne, Lemmy Kilmister, Chris Cornell, Iggy Pop etc. as well as more mainstream ones like Fergie and Adam Levine. How he got them together and played his guitar as the common thread uniting them all was pretty cool. Though some said that there was no coherence, I actually thought the variety of voices on the album made the whole thing interesting to listen to. And it had several solid songs too – memorable ones. This time around he has decided to stick with only one of those vocalists, Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge and the result is not the same. I did enjoy Myles’ contribution on the last album quite a bit, especially the song ‘Back From Cali’. But somehow on ‘Apocalyptic Love’, he sounds kind of indistinguishable from other mediocre vocalists and more like a second rate Axl Rose. On fast-paced tracks like ‘One Last Thrill’, his high pitched yelling is almost unlistenable!

And it is not just the vocals… the tunes are not very memorable at all. There is a typical Guns n’ Roses-like rock groove going on in many songs but there are hardly any stand-out riffs. Save for the somewhat catchy opening title track, many of the songs just don’t go anywhere. There are many instances where the song starts off nicely and sounds promising until the chorus begins. And then it doesn’t deliver much, sort of falls flat. Also, there is nothing exciting or new about the song structures here. It is the standard verse-chorus-verse-chorus-guitar solo-final chorus formula. Sure, there are a few moments here and there that sound interesting and even some that, dare I say, attempt to relive former glories of the Illusion days but it all sounds like stereotypical hard rock.

The crux of the matter is that what made Guns n’ Roses great in their heyday was a combination of all band members coming together with their different styles and blending beautifully to deliver some kicking hard rock. You had Slash providing the effortless bluesy guitar solos. But you also had Axl writing those melodious epics like Estranged, Breakdown and November Rain. And then there was that solid rhythm section of Izzy Stradlin, Duff McKagan, Steven Adler and later Matt Sorum. Put together they made one hell of a band! Split apart, obviously the music suffers. Right now Slash is doing his thing well but he needs better support than what he has now. It is the same old story with many rock bands, take for example Pink Floyd. It was the combination of Roger Waters’ bitter cynicism and excellent lyrics along with David Gilmour’s precision guitar solos and dreamy vocals that made them so great. After Waters left they were not the same anymore.

So, sadly the bottom line is that ‘Apocalyptic Love’ is just okay for an average rock album in the year 2012. But if you, like me knows what the Gunners were capable of 20 years back, you would rather be reaching for those albums after a few listens to this one. The guitar god with the top hat may be having fun with his rock n’ f’in roll but there seems to be nothing more than a hard rock-by-numbers album here.

Rating: 2 / 5


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