Work commute album of the day: Smashing Pumpkins’ Siamese Dream

Featuring seamless transitions from hard rock to psychedelic dream pop and shoegaze to progressive, I really think this was the Pumpkins at their absolute creative peak. 1991’s ‘Gish’ was not quite there yet (although good in it’s own right) and 1995’s ‘Mellon Collie…’ felt too vast, containing good songs interspersed with fillers. This album though, is just perfect from start to finish. It is such a pleasure to listen to every now and then, even now in 2012. Jimmy Chamberlin’s drumming is nothing short of stellar in songs such as Cherub Rock, Quiet, Geek USA and Silverfuck. Maybe the drugs helped. lol. Maybe not. Though I’m not particularly a fan of the lyrics here or Billy Corgan’s voice, everything comes together beautifully to create that fantastic wall of noise. And I just love those moments like during the last couple of minutes of the song Hummer when the guitars quiet down to reveal the most exquisitely gorgeous acoustic solo. That is the kind of stuff that I seriously missed on their comeback-of-sorts album ‘Zeitgeist’. What the heck happened to all the shoegaze inspirations??? Speaking of which, I wouldn’t mind exploring that genre a little more. All I know about it is MBV’s Loveless which frankly I could not get into for the life of me! (Please don’t hate me.) And I believe ‘She’s So High’ by Blur was also shoegaze-inspired. I love that track. Anyway, Siamese Dream… great album and possibly one of my all-time favourites ever. Perfect for a boring, slow work commute. 🙂


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