Hectic Vacation

Market Crowd

Just got back from a month-long vacation in India but it did not feel much like a vacation at all. The main reason for that being my sister’s wedding and all the preparations it involved. I don’t think I have run around this much for any event in our family like I did for her wedding! Not that I am complaining… it was my own sis’s big day after all! But let me start from the beginning, so you get the full picture on why this trip was so nuts.

I first arrived in Delhi a week after my wife did and spent about 5 days at her parents’ new place. By the time that I arrived, she had already gone on a mini trip to Bhopal to attend a close friend’s wedding. Anyway, I was glad to be back in Delhi for the second time in a span of 2 years. I enjoyed travelling by Delhi Metro just like I did last year. I also enjoyed the fast food (chaat) at a well-known place in Karol Bagh just like I did last year. Only difference was, this time I fell violently sick with unstoppable diarrhoea. Call it a case of Delhi Belly I guess. So that put a little damper on our already short Delhi stay. Then we had to leave for Chennai just as my stomach was beginning to act normal again. Immediately the following day, we started on a trip with family down south to a village near Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu where our family’s roots reside. This south trip itself was quite chill generally despite the continuous push from elders in the family to try to cover a gazillion temples and religious places in a span of 3 days.

After we got back to Chennai, my stomach went for a toss yet again. Part 2 of non-stop LMs! The bloody bug or whatever had not really left the first time I suppose. From there onwards it was just a continuous rush towards the family wedding. There were 2 functions/prayer ceremonies at home with lots of visiting relatives and my system once again slowly recovered with help from plenty of antibiotics and other meds. The wedding itself went fine but I had completely worn myself out by the end of it. The very next day after the wedding, I had to drop my wife off at the airport. She had to go to Mumbai to give an exam. As I returned home, I think my body had had enough and I felt extreme tiredness all of a sudden. Spent pretty much the whole day sleeping and found out later in the afternoon that I had contracted viral fever. On top of all that, in a few days we had to attend yet another wedding of a close family member. I barely recovered from the fever and somehow attended just about half of this other family wedding. By this time, both wife and I were thoroughly exhausted and wondering how a vacation had become so overwhelming.

Eventually I had to postpone our flights to SA by about 3 days because I really did not want to be weak and sickly while carrying luggage to the airport and sitting on an inter-continental flight for 8 hours. Funnily enough, those last 3 days were the most relaxing of the whole trip! My body thankfully recovered fast enough from the fever and we actually managed to catch a movie with the family and relax a bit towards the end. So although the whole trip now seems like a blur, it was totally worth it. Now that I’m back in my regular routine, daily grind… whatever you want to call it, I can finally relax.


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