Why criss cross metal speed bumps do not make any damn sense!

Speed bumps are everywhere in residential areas and local roads with low speed limits. I do understand the need for them considering that most people drive much faster than the posted speed limit and hence endanger the lives of pedestrians and others on the road. But, if the real purpose of having a speed bump is to slow people down, then all that is required is something that looks like this:
Normal speed bump

What is up with the metal speed bumps in criss cross patterns that I’m seeing a lot, especially here in South Africa???
Metal speed bump

These monstrosities seem to be designed to not slow you down but rather to shake you up in a horizontal side-to-side motion; much like one would shake up the pulp in a fresh fruit beverage! After driving over one of these bumps, not only am I bloody annoyed by this strange body jiggle experience thrust upon me, I am worried for the suspension of my car which takes on a pretty hard rattle! I mean, which genius came up with the idea of shaking the lights out of motorists on a calm, relaxing drive down a quiet street? It’s almost like they’re going “C’monnnn loosen up a little, will ya?? Do a little jig for me. And while we’re at it, let’s lose all control of the steering wheel! Yippie! ” I thought the idea was to slow down people.

Hope somebody from the traffic department or national roads agency reads this blog post, or else I may have to go directly to their website and give them a piece of my mind. 🙂


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  1. I remember those….!

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