– Great variety of music downloads at decent prices!

Recently I discovered a website offering legal music downloads and I have to say that my experience with them so far has been quite awesome! They call themselves and appear to be operating out of somewhere in Russia. They offer a wide variety of albums and individual songs for a very nominal price, maybe the cheapest on the web! I had been looking for a particularly old and obscure album which was not available on itunes, Rhapsody, Napster or any of the main paid download sites. It was the new age/ethnic fusion group Deep Forest’s very first album from 1992. Legal Sounds not only had the whole album for download at US$0.90, I could download specific individual songs if I wanted for just US$0.09 a piece! That is a steal, if you’re a person like me very much into collecting and appreciating music and you do not want to literally steal from the internet. And besides, the free download links seem to be fast disappearing from blogs and Google searches. They all link to some sort of paid service nowadays.

This site has a proper legal notice which states that Legal Sounds pays license fees for all the materials subject to the Law of the Russian Federation and that materials are available solely for personal use. The only thing to watch out for when becoming a member here is that one has to make a bulk payment of at least US$25 in order to start purchasing music. As you buy more and more, the balance gets deducted with the purchase amount until you have to replenish again. Obviously this works in the website’s favour as they have a chunk of money from you upfront and it also tempts you to purchase music more frequently than you probably would if you paid separately each and every time. But all that is down to self control issues which one can easily sort out! 😉 Bottomline is that this site is a great solution for music fans looking to legally download their music and not pay an arm and a leg for it.

Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated or associated with I live in South Africa and work in the private sector. This website apparently operates out of Russia.


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  1. Hi, have been using mp3fiesta for ages, but recently they don’t accept credit cards. Now I’m looking at LegalSounds for good mp3 downloads, but when I wanted to make a payment, I was presented with a “where payment will be made from” button that did not list South Africa.
    Also, will it take 24 hours for them to add the funds to my newly registered account? Please could you just give me some tips on how you managed. Thanks from Knysna.

  2. Hi there. Sorry for the delayed response, been very busy. The thing is, I do not remember seeing any button for where the payment will be made from. It was a straightforward payment process where they ask for you for the credit card number, name and expiry date. And I don’t think there was any delay in funds appearing in my account. As far as I can remember, I was able to start purchasing immediately. Hope you are able to get through! 🙂

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